Monday, November 14, 2011


Welcome to Training Magazine's "Social Media for Trainers" Certificate Program

By midnight Friday, November 18, please answer in a comment:

a.What social media tools you already use for your personal or work use, if any. Examples: Facebook, Ning, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer, etc.
b. Your level of experience and expertise with each. Are you a once-in-awhile Tweeter, or are your running your own community on Facebook or Ning?
c. What do you hope to accomplish by learning more about using social media in training? What problem to you hope this will solve?

d. What is one thing about our first session (November 14) that surprised you, caught your interest, or gave you something new to think about?

I've included my own comment as something of a template for you, but you don't need to copy it. There are no rules: Just please tell us something that will help us learn a little more about your experience.

You can post with just your name -- you don't have to have an account or login (for this blog, for now). 

2. Before midnight on Sunday, November 20, please read over everyone's comments; try to add a comment that extends the conversation a bit.

See you next time!